·         BBQ: Meat, Chicken, Fish, Squids, Prawns, cockles in Chiller
·         Steamboat: Yong Tau Foo, Fish cake, Crab cake, vegetables, noodles, Chicken & Bird Eggs in Bain Marie
·         Sauces: Black pepper sauce, chili sauce, steamboat sauce in Potted Bowls
·         Fried Rice: Butter fried rice with mixed vegetable in Flask
·         Drinks: 2 types of cordial drinks in Colored Containers
·         Snacks: Banana cake, chocolate & colored snacks, button biscuits in Tumbler
·         Desserts: Water melon, scoop ice cream & lollipop ice in Chiller

The KILLER MENU is BBQ beef marinated with secret recipe of Nenek Kiah! Thereafter, you will dream of BBQ & Steamboat Cik Kiah…..

Adults and children of secondary school children will be charged RM 18.80 per head. Primary school children will be charged RM 9.80 per head. It’s FREE for children below 5 years.